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Privacy information for Alliance users

Alliance gives you many options for setting how your personal details are shared

There are several ways to configure your details when using Alliance:

  • Profile settings allow you to either conceal or share your details
  • Notification preferences allow you to facilitate or limit contact with others
  • Worksite setup lets you create new sites that are either public or private
  • Changing your preferred name using the ANU Identity Manager

Profile settings

Alliance allows users outside the ANU community to register into public sites. Once a non-ANU participant is registered they can see and join other public Alliance sites. When you set your profile details to be shared and you join public sites, you are potentially sharing your personal information with people outside the ANU.

To configure your profile:

  • Login to Alliance
  • Click on the MyWorkspace tab
  • Click on Profile on the left-hand menu

You will then be able to edit your details in two ways:

My profile settings

Choose the My profile link at the top of the page. When you mouse over each section on the right hand side, an Edit button will appear. Click this button to edit your details in that section. In the Privacy settings (below) you can determine who can see your details in each of these profile sections.

Privacy settings

Choose the Privacy link at the top of the page and choose your settings based on the amount of privacy desired. Privacy settings open to "Everyone" will allow you the most interactive contact with other Alliance users. Settings for "Only me" or "Only my connections" will give you the most privacy for your details.

Notification preferences

You can configure your Notification settings to determine how you receive low priority emails. All high priority emails sent by the site owner will override your low priority settings.

To configure your Notification settings:

  • Login to Alliance
  • Click on the MyWorkspace tab
  • Click on Prefererences in the left-hand menu
  • Click on the Notifications link at the top of the page

Worksite setup

When you create a new site it can be made either public or private. Public sites can be seen and joined by anyone who has access to Alliance. Private sites can only be accessed by those invited to join by the site owner. Any non-ANU participants invited to join an Alliance site will be able to see and join other public Alliance sites.

To create a new site:

  • Login to Alliance
  • Click on the MyWorkspace tab
  • Click on Worksite Setup tab in the left-hand menu
  • Click on the New link at the top of the page
  • Complete each site setup section and continue to the next section.

Privacy settings for new sites

Some settings for maximum privacy are available when setting up a new worksite.

  • Site Status: uncheck the Publish site box for maximum privacy.
  • Global Access: choosing Private will restrict access to only those invited to join.
  • Unchecking the "Site can be joined by any registered Alliance user" box will prevent other Alliance users from joining your site.

Your details as seen by others

Within some Alliance sites, it is possible that others may see your name and University ID number, depending on:

  • The permissions you assign to others, as the site owner. The site owner can see details of all site participants.
  • The permissions the site owner has given you, as a participant in a site. If you are an Observer in a site, you will not be able to see other participants.

Changing your preferred name

ANU members can use the ANU Identity Manager to change their preferred name.

Be aware that changing your name in Identity Manager will also change your name in other ANU systems such as Wattle and possibly your email. Most users find Identity Manager useful for simple changes, such as removing a middle name or including a name by which they are commonly known.

Updated:  17 March 2011/Responsible Officer:  Chief Information Officer /Page Contact:  Alliance Support Team